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There is no limit for perfection

At the time Socrates said: "Non est terminus", which means "there is no limit to perfection". It seems such a short time ago since we talked about decorating of “Thug Life” bottles, exported to Canada [see here]. The success of new product was so impressive that the customer has decided to release a limited edition of bottles with even more spectacular decor.

This project has become a real test of the professional level of our specialists. Design of “Thug Life Limited Edition” includes a wide range of technologies and special materials. The bottle is painted with black ceramic inks (drying temperature 600 °C) with “window” on the front side. Silk-screen printing is made with various high-temperature inks – colorful, with “metallic” effect and also gold-containing inks. But the real "wow-effect" a new bottle performs in the dark – the writings “Thug Life”, made on the both sides throughout the height of the bottle, and some other decor elements flash with a bright emerald color! Such result was achieved due to the use of inks with luminescent properties.

Anyway, hip-hop community should be satisfied – new vodka will be a worthy dedication to the Thug Life movement, founded by the legend of hip-hop culture Tupac Shakur. Besides, almost at the same time with the appearance of new vodka “Thug Life”, there was released a biographical drama “2pac: Legend”, dedicated to Tupac Shakur, on the screen. So his fans have an excellent opportunity to see a new film about the life of a cult musician, poet, actor, producer and activist and then open the bottle of “Thug Life Limited Edition” and listen to some album of their favorite hip-hop artist on old boom box.