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Majestic decor for «KNYAZ» vodka

DanCo Décor Company has finished decoration of bottles for «KNYAZ» vodka line following the order of «KNYAZ» Trading Company.    Vodka is represented in three versions and is devoted to the great rulers of Kievan Rus: Vladimir the Great, Yaroslav the Wise and Oleg the Prophet.   

Vladimir the Great is a prince, who is     distinguished for brilliant victories, ambitious construction and introduction of Christianity into Russia, for which was named Vladimir the Saint.   

Yaroslav the Wise is a prince, whose reign made Kievan Rus a powerful European state. It is notable that even in our days two states have placed the image of a ruler on their banknotes. Ukraine placed it on a two hryvnia banknote, and Russia - on a thousand one.   

Oleg the Prophet is a legendary Old Russian commander, who joined the south and north of the eastern Slavs. The expression “Kiev will be mother of Russian cities” belongs to him.  

In decoration of the bottles “DanCo Décor” company used technology of frosting with a window. Due to a new decorative element “window” design of decor obtains a special effect: printed portrait of Prince is applied on the opposite surface of the glass, thus, the image becomes wider in the mirroring of the “window” under the “lens effect” of full bottles. Turning the bottle, one can see the smallest details of decoration. Image is applied by the method of screen printing with ceramic inks. Image of symbols of royal power - hats and bowls are applied with textured gold.   In this design is also represented Sirin - the bird maiden from the Russian legends, who goes down from the heavenly abode, and charms people with her singing. Only truly happy man can hear it. Sirin represents eternal joy, fantastic and celestial bliss. Image is printed with metallic, i.e. paint with a high content of metal dust. We can see the interesting effect of combination of textured gold on the crown of the bird maiden and metallic.  

The main task of this design was emphasizing of respect for our history and its great creators. With a wide fleet of equipment and modern technologies of decoration, “DanCo Décor” company can find the most interesting solutions in designs and apply them to decoration.