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Not like anyone else…

For quite a long time, in marketing the concept "not like anyone else" is associated with something new, attractive and eye-catching.

It became some kind of axiom which is applied by the majority of the companies to stimulate the demand of its product.

The decoration of the bottle for TM White Tiger, made by DanCo Decor, justified this axiom completely. The white tiger appears as a central figure, which is applied on a surface of the bottle, frosted with "window" effect, ceramic paints silk-screen printing method.

The white tiger as a symbol of a new brand was not chosen by chance. In nature, it’s quite a rare species, its population is small (1 tiger on 10 000 individuals with a normal color).

Surely while placing a white tiger in the center of the composition, the designers wanted to emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the product.

Snow-covered mountains on a background represent healthy mountain climate, the purest water which is used for production this vodka.

Usually, sales trainers say: "smile, and the client will be pleased to deal with you".

The creators of the design took this advice - the tiger as a good manager friendly blinks, looking to a buyer.

Since a long time in the East the tiger was loved by its beauty and force and his picture was used for protection and as a symbol of a good luck.

We hope that buyers of TM White Tiger vodka will also appreciate the magnificent design of a new bottle, and the drink will fill their sense with power and dignity! There are no doubts – that the new product will face successful destiny!