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Where do angels live?

This October we finished our work on the new project “Yanhelivka” which became the test of our professional level and technological capabilities. It is well-known that the product without the story has not many chances to become brand. Creators of the new trademark told us a fascinating legend which inspired us on creation of a visual image of the decorated bottle of "angelic" drink.

"Yanhelivka is the place where angels live on the Earth. Angels who undertook an obligation to take care of their “godchildren” have some special recipes of the dishes and drinks filled with power of love to people. The ancient recipe of the home-made, saturated with natural aromas drink that originates from the fertile Ukrainian earth and honors hospitality of the hardworking people, is stored by Angels till the time of awakening from gray-haired times. From time immemorial people tried to resurrect this recipe, but only now the drink ingredients which all this time were near us, begin interaction of filling with force. The generous nature kept a charm wave for the sons and their darlings".

To achieve the necessary visual effect, the wide arsenal of processing and artistic touches was used. For creation of an image of the angel-girl the technique of a seal by high-temperature inks with creation of effect of the picturesque image on a canvas was used. The gold frame around the portrait only strengthens impression that it is the work of art. Well, from where do our guardian angels watch us? Of course, from the heaven! Therefore, as the main background we chose gentle-blue opaque color of a bottle, and also we decorated our "sky" with the stars shining gold.

I hope our guardian angels like such decor.