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Canadian Frog-Princess

This fall the DANCO DECOR Company within cooperation with the Vancouver Company Quality Craft spirits shipped the first batch of the decorated BLŪ FROG bottles to Canada.

The name BLŪ FROG is well-known among cocktails fans. That is the name of a popular long drink consisting of vodka and lemonade. It is obvious that the recipe for success of an ideal cocktail is the faultless basis - vodka of the highest quality. Besides, preparation of cocktails by the experienced bartender is a bright and fascinating show, magic of transformations which happen directly before your eyes. And if the actor in the circus juggles with multi-colored rings or balls, the main detail of the bartender is a bottle with ingredients for cocktails.

They can be absolutely simple, and the visitor expecting the drink at a bar counter will hardly pay attention to them, but they can become an important part of magic representation, making additional wow-effect on the viewer (by the way, you can see a lot of such bottles in gallery of our works on the DANCO DECOR Company’s website).

We can just imagine whether creators of the Canadian premium class vodka BLŪ FROG thought of it, but the new product has all necessary qualities to press "old residents" of bar counters and supermarkets shelves. The drink is made of high quality corn and crystal-clear Canadian water, the faultless soft taste is provided by five-step filtration.

But, let's look at the bottle decorated by the specialists of the DANCO DECOR Company. The first that sticks out is … a blue frog in the bottle! An amazing 3D effect is created by means of a combination of various techniques of a silk screen printing on the frosted glass surface. The Customer’s plan was to place the decorated bottles with BLŪ FROG vodka on the special pedestals equipped with LED illumination, so to achieve an awesome effect the partial coloring of a ground part of bottles was carried out by a blue transparent varnish. As the result the bottle “shines from within” in gentle azure color, and "the effect of presence" of a frog becomes even more real.

We sincerely hope that BLŪ FROG will become "Frog Princess" on the international alcohol market soon!