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We are glad to present to your attention a new project from "DanCo Décor", made in order by the TM "Khortytsa". This work stands out its restraint and elegance, the bottle looks luxurious and causes an irresistible desire to possess it.

At the beginning of the last century, a lady, widely known in secular circles, experienced a serious personal tragedy, losing a man she had been loving more than life. As a true lady, she couldn’t observe a mourning period because she was not officially married to him. However, a broken heart required to pour out its feelings, thus was born the well-known "little black dress" of the legendary Coco Chanel that made her famous all over the world.

By design of Madame Chanel the dress without excesses should have been profitable to emphasize the natural beauty and charm of a woman as much as possible. This outfit quickly became popular with the fairer sex.  Soon a wardrobe set of many ladies replenished with a little black dress. It was worn just like that - without any accessories or complemented with exquisite jewelry of pearls and gemstones. With the passage of time, the dress became a symbol of elegance and luxury.

We used this principle in the creation of «Black&Gold». The bottle is the embodiment of that "little black dress": an elegant refined design, made, of course, in black and completes this concept - a golden inscription of the trademark in the central part of the bottle.

With each new work, the potential and opportunities of "DanCo Décor" company are increasingly revealed. Our specialists select and combine various decoration techniques, and as the result of it, a masterpiece appears to the world!

In the design of the bottle "Black & Gold" the color plays a particularly important role. A deep black-matt shade was achieved thanks to the coating method using electrostatic spraying on the equipment of the company «Glasscoat». Consequently, the bottle is literally "dressed" in black velvet, gently enveloping all its bending and contours. It looks strict and luxurious, like a true lady in black, and the gold inscription in the middle of the bottle, like expensive jewelry gracefully, complements and emphasizes the status of the beverage.

In 1926 the magazine "Vogue" first published photos of the black dress from Coco Chanel and compared it to a Ford. The dress stood out with simplicity and elegance. Critics predicted that it would have been very popular and stated that soon the black dress would have become an integral part of every woman's wardrobe. They were one hundred percent right!

We hope that "Black&Gold" will also win the hearts and minds of high fashion admirers, as it has done the outfit of the great Chanel, because black color never goes out of style!