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Good afternoon, Ecopark!

Last weekends, DanCo Decor Company team visited one of the most beautiful places of our city - Feldman Ecopark. Employees of the plant with their children met its inhabitants,  interesting and funny stories about which were told by workers of the park.

Women could hardly pass by amazing flower beds, original sculptures without taking a picture near them.

The kids really liked the aviary with cubs, where little goats, pigs, birds live during some time after their birth. Children were running and playing with the animals, feeding them and trying to pull their tails. In general, they were delighted.

Men were interested in tigers, panthers, cheetahs; great conditions of animal`s keeping and staff`s passionate care about them were also noticed.

We were staying there for a long time - approximately 4 hours, all participants of the travel really liked this park, the children didn`t want to leave this place and they were asking for some time more to spend there. We made a lot of beautiful pictures with the park and its animals, ate plenty of  barbecue and ice cream and ,generally, had a great time.

I hope that each of us will return to this welcoming nook of ​​Kharkov and will certainly find its new and interesting creatures.

See you soon, Ecopark!