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Unrevealing the secrets of «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians)

Not long ago we have finished work on the interesting project – the range of the decorated bottles TN «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians). The new product differs by pithiness and irreproachable style. However, behind seeming simplicity of decor, an attentive viewer (or, rather, buyer) discovers not a few references to Ukranian history and symbolism. 

For example, on each bottle you can see the octagonal star (or Ruzha (Rose) in  Zakarpattia), printed by the silk-screen printing with ultraviolet curable paints.  This ancient symbol is the symbol of the sun and life. It symbolizes the connection of male and female principles. That’s why you can often meet with Ruzha on wedding rushnyk.  
Three of the four bottles are painted with the use of electrostatic spraying in colors, whose importance is especially big in Ukrainian symbolism.

Glass packing for vodka TN «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians) Clasychna (Classic) is covered by black glossy varnish and bottle TN «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians) Osoblyva (Special) is the vivid red. Since olden times these two colors have been honored. They often were represented in embroidered clothes, krashanka, pysanka, earthenware pots.

Even on the famous picture of Repin “Cossacks of Saporog Are Drafting a Manifesto” are depicted two twisted flags. One of them is yellow-blue, and the second one is red-black! 

Let’s continue an acquaintance with the new range TN «Mogutni Karpaty» (The mighty Carpathians), paying attention to snowy bottle “Lagidna” (Soft). And again, the main color is chosen not by accident.  White has a deep symbolic meaning. Certainly, we can't avoid an association with the snowy peaks of the Carpathians. But, having pondered, you can call to mind that the white color symbolizes energy, strength, life, spiritual and physical purity. The white color is considered preserve, protecting from bad people and heavy thoughts. Our ancestors used to believe that white cottage, rushnik and bed linen didn’t pass illnesses and disasters to person. Therefore, in Ukraine people bleached cloth thoroughly and whitened village cottages.

 The fourth bottle was decided not to paint, having placed on matte glass, which was undergone chemical etching, laconic decor, performed by direct printing with the high-temperature paints.  The design differs simplicity, but this is that case when the absence of arty-crafty elements and bright paints underlines style of the package and promises exquisite pleasure to true connoisseurs of noble drinks.

Generally, as the saying is it is better to see once than … But, in this case, there is the reason, having seen, don’t stop seeing and to buy the bottle you liked (better, all set)and to discover which hidden symbols and secret sense are ready to open “Mogutni Karpaty” from own experience.