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Characters from the M.V.Gogol’s works come alive on the New Year DanCo Decor bottle.

In advance of the upcoming holidays, we have released a unique gift bottle "Ukrainian village", with a capacity of one liter.

During the work on this project a wide arsenal of decoration methods was used. In addition, the application of most of them is still available only to "DanCo Decor" company, due to the use of unique equipment and the introduction of innovative technological solutions.

As a background the partial staining in a radical white paint, made on a special offer of our company, is used.

An illustration on the bottle is printed, using a silk-screening method with the thermochromic paints to diameter of the bottle. These drawings are implemented in the Ukrainian style. At the same time the 'misted' glass, obtained by the chemical matting method, resembles a gray winter sky.

The bottle design has absorbed the traditional Ukrainian patterns. Beautiful houses, cold-proofed by Jack Frost; the festive tables are laid in houses, but the meal time had not come yet - the residents trooped out into the streets, because today is the Christmas Eve, the New Year party is ahead, why not have fun!  You can hear schedrivki-songs everywhere; promenaders meet guisers with laugh and jokes – lark for adults and fun for kids!

The use of thermochromic inks has created an interesting effect that can be detected if you place a bottle to the refrigerator. At room temperature, the sun illumines the village, and it's a bright cold day in the yard also; but once you cool the bottle, a starless night covers the yard. And who knows, maybe things are happening not before the New Year at all, but on the Christmas Eve? Involuntarily, the scenes from the "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" by N.V. Gogol appear in our imagination. The witch Solokha fancies, stealing the stars into her bag. And somewhere, along with the cheerful crowd singing carols among girls, the voice of a proud beauty Oksana can be heard…

A beautiful picture of the Ukrainian village underlines the originality of Ukrainian culture, reminds about our rich cultural heritage, handed down to us by previous generations, and creates a bright festive mood.