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Society column from “Bulbash”

Of course, you remember the young but ambitious drink “Bulbash № 1 Malt” presented by Belorussian manufacturers, which has already managed to win many prestigious awards and certainly establish itself in the community of strong alcoholic premium-class beverages. However, youth always strives for more. Therefore, Bulbash has decided to move forward, continuing the line-up with two drinks: for beautiful women and courageous gentlemen.

Can you hear the heels click? Look, it is coming! Beautiful and exquisite - everything is perfect in her, from shining of patent-leather shoes to a small elegant handbag and seductively red lipstick. Please, welcome the beautiful "Cranberry"! Soft, fragrant, playful and tempting, she came and captured at first sight.

Of course, a real lady doesn’t come out alone. The “Cranberry” partner is the absolute leader, the veritable Bulbash No. 1. He is fresh and full of energy radiating confidence and strength. He is comfortable at a dinner party with the crème of society and on board of a luxurious yacht.

Of course, the package for perfect drinks must have the appropriate design. Charming Miss "Cranberry" is impossible to ignore in any company! This is a real Lady in Red, whose bright red garment leaves no chance for the competitors, and luxurious golden decor emphasizes the refined taste and noble origin. Mr. Bulbash no. 1 doesn’t look less impressive. He is a man of few words.  “Vodka, Bulbash, Premium” is all what he is ready to let know about himself at the meeting. However, the refinement of manners will not escape from the observant views of true gentlemen as well as flawless appearance of the stranger, reminding that “Gold is the money of kings”.

Do not think that exquisite outfits for Miss "Cranberry" and Mr. Bulbash No. 1 are delivered from Milan or Paris. Not at all! All this beauty is created by the Ukrainian glass decorating company DanCo Decor. This is not surprising because the customers from many European countries, the USA, Canada and Israel trust the package design for their best drinks to experts from Ukraine.

Are you ready to bring your product to the high society? Then welcome to DanCo Decor!