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The crystal spirit of nature from the "heart" of the Tatras


Working with regular customers is always very pleasant, and at the same time, much more difficult than with new ones. But there is its own, special pleasure. After all, this is a kind of challenging ourselves, checking our level of professionalism and creativity. The desire is not just to set but to raise the already established bar.

Another, in our opinion, more than just successful result of creative cooperation with one of the long-standing and favourite partners of "DANCO DECOR" - the Slovak brand Gas Familia s. r. o. - was the design of the packaging of the premium alcoholic beverage Goral Vodka Master.

The form, simple and elegant, without intricate lines and curves, emphasizes the strength and power of the inner content. The old, time-proved, black and white classics with the right accent: two bright, fiery red sevens. It would seem, these are two quite ordinary figures associated with luck. But not just that! It's much deeper. So incredibly simply the highlight of the company was encrypted, that is a special production technology used in the factory Gas Familia s. r. o. in Slovakia – seven-time distillation and filtration of vodka.

This project was bound to succeed also because one of the best Slovak designers, whose numerous works were awarded at international competitions, took up the visualization of the bottle design. The result exceeded the wildest expectations – each element has its own bright personality, but it does not compete with others, but, on the contrary, complements and emphasizes them.

To achieve the fullest possible realization of the design idea the customer has entrusted the Ukrainian company-decorator of glass containers "DANCO DECOR". We used the technique of silk-screen printing with ceramic inks - a method of decoration, which was first mastered at our factory 15 years ago.

Goral, Mountaineer – a hardened with the living conditions in the highlands man. The result was similar – a calm, cold grandeur, showing inner strength.

We can say with confidence that the premium segment has found its new "star"!