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An emphasised style combined with the elegance of design for «TITOMIROV VODKA»

Experts of the company DanCo Decor have released a bottle with a refreshed design for «TITOMIROV VODKA», having emphasized the high quality of the drink, as well as the strict and recognizable style.

Two bottles, like day and night, give you a feeling of a never-ending day- and night- life, which doesn't stop even for a moment. It's full of its own energy, sense and events, so diverse in their content, making each person identity. 
Different times of the day - different technologies. In the bottle of "clubber" the technologies of coating the bottles with the help of UV-curable inks are used. In the bottle "daily events" the technologies of matting and screen printing are applied.

Logo of the doubled letters 'V' makes it easy to find brand among many bottles of other manufacturers. The simplicity of style, resembling the coat of arms of some educational institution in the "good old" England, definitely makes you think about the quality, tradition and continuity. Speaking of quality and technology ... Vodka is made from the water of the Carpathian Mountains with a natural high pH, ​​making it more receptive to the human body. Its distillation by 7D-distillation method makes it more balanced and softer, which in its turn, fully reveals the taste qualities of the beverage.

All these values, so typical for «TITOMIROV VODKA», are displayed on the front of the bottle. They immediately catch the eye and allow the buyer, who may not have heard of this brand, to pay attention to the distinctive features of namely this vodka, and opt for it.

The presentation of our bottle for vodka brand «TITOMIROV VODKA» took place on 21 August at the legendary nightclub Jimmy'z Sporting Monte-Carlo (Monaco), and has also been presented in such places as the Hôtel Hermitage, Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo Bay, Casino, Café de Paris, Buddha-Bar, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel.

We wish good luck and undoubted success to Dr. Alexander Titomirov and his offspring «TITOMIROV VODKA», as a new breakthrough in the alcoholic drinks industry.