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The European Light Art from Dark Ages. Stained-Glass Artwork

Cathedrals ... Their awesome gilded spiers overlook many cities and countries regardless of the religion or the state. These buildings, being the architectural heritage of the past, inextricably connected with the culture of that time, rush into the sky and force a passerby to stop and stare. When you look at them, you forget about the worldly affairs of our daily lives and reflect on the sublime.

The cathedral attracts not only in terms of architecture, but because it is a face of the city, "a souvenir", which remains in your memory for quite a long time. In its turn, this means that it is a priceless gift. You can find similar churches in the ancient cities, connected by invisible threads of history, such as Lvov, Kiev, Krakow and Brest. Each of them is original, unique and majestic. It seems to me, that the stained-glass windows are the most beautiful part of an ancient cathedral: the master touch has artfully combined a bunch of colored glass pieces into the fancy ornaments and patterns. Each of them is unique. Passing belief, these bright stained-glass artworks came to us from Europe of the Dark Ages! There are stained-glass windows of Krakow-, Kiev- and Lvov-kinds. All of them please the eye of both: a tried spacialist and a simple inhabitant.

The same impression on the customer is made by the bottle of "Stained-Glass Artwork", produced by the company "DanCo Decor." Four bottles of the series - "Krakow", "Kiev", "Lviv", "Brest" - each with its own unique pattern, form an organic whole when combined. You can admire the magnificent mosaic stained-glass windows depicted on these bottles for a long time. You are eager to buy all four bottles, in order not to lose a single image, which has come down to us from the medieval Europe.

A picture is applied to the bottle by screen printing method. By the way, it is also originated from Europe and initially it was used here to emboss books. The special ceramic paints, which are fired in the kiln after application, convey the tone and spirit of the image in the best possible way, while the frosted glass provides an interesting background for the main picture.

A series of bottles "Stained-Glass Artwork" will let you touch bright art of the great masters of the past and awaken interest in the masters of the present. And who knows, perhaps contemplating stained-glass windows will motivate you to generate some new projects and ideas.