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Vodka  Moses  is   kosher purity in a precious halo

Moses is certainly one of the most significant figures in Judaism: a prophet, a hero, who brought his fellow tribesmen out of the Egyptian lands, gave them freedom, united the Israeli tribes into a single nation, which brought them to the Promised Land. But the main treasure left by Moses to the descendants is Judaism, the religion created by him and transferred to the people of Israel.

Moses was a true follower of kosher doctrine, kashrut, which determines the usefulness of foods and drinks for human consumption. Therefore, it is quite symbolic that the first Finnish kosher vodka is named after the most important biblical prophet.

Vodka Moses (manufacturer - the Finnish company Shaman Spirits) is a combination of pure natural water from the springs of Finland and ultra-premium alcohol, obtained exclusively from natural products that have been carefully selected, and its production takes place under the continuous control of Helsinki Rabbi, Dr. Moshe Edelmann.

By no means, the kosher nature of vodka Moses is a guarantee of its quality and purity. But even the most outstanding  product needs a decent package!  After visiting our enterprise, the leaders of Shaman Spirits have decided to entrust the decoration of glass bottles for vodka  Moses to «Danco Decor». At the same time, despite the technical complexity of each of the three packaging decor options, we were assigned to get the task done in the shortest time span to so that the customer is able to  deliver finished goods around all over the world on the eve of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar - Purim and Pesach. 

The decorating procedure is based on the “Danco Decor” experts' method of chemical matting - etching the glass surface using of special reagents. After the process is complete, the glass loses its transparency, and at the same time acquires roughness enjoyable for tactile sense. In this case, not the entire surface of the bottle was subjected to chemical matting, some part of it was previously covered - with a special protective composition  in order to achieve the effect of a transparent space on the matte  glass.

The next step was to apply the image on the bottle body using the direct  silk screen printing method. The central place in the design is given to the image of Moses at the very moment when the Red Sea  waters came apart in front of him, allowing the Jewish people to escape from the persecution of Pharaoh's troops. This plot can be seen both on the back side of the bottle body and in a transparent space, which acts as a lens and shapes its volume.For the two decor options, it was necessary to use materials containing precious metals, which are printed separately and baked at a temperature lower than  provided for color inks. T

his method of decoration is called “double-pass printing” and requires precision overlay of decor elements. It is worth paying attention to the filigree accuracy with which the biblical trees decor shining with 24-carat gold is made, and to make sure that the experts of «Danco Decor» successfully coped with the task.Despite the tight time framed by the customer, the work was carried out in strict conformity with the schedule. It means that orthodox Jews in different parts of the world will soon enounce the famous “Lechaim!” at the festive table, pouring kosher vodka  Moses from a bottle decorated in Ukraine by the company “Danco Decor”